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The Garden Of Love

William Blake

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Added by: Derkindestod
The Garden of love is one of my favourite poems. It has actually made me look at the Church in a whole new light. I believe that God is happy when we are happy and that he deosn't want us to be bound by laws as the church believe. This poem is also about advancement into adulthood and how perception changes as you experience more. This is a wonderful piece of work!
God is happy?
Added by: j
"God is happy when we are happy"?

What if I'm happy mutilating small animals? Or sitting in the Whitehouse deciding who next to invade? What if I find my happiness at the bottom of a bottle of whisky? Does any of this make "God" happy.

I don't believe in God, yet this this poem has always been a favourite of mine. There is much more to this than trite comments about happiness. This poem questions the authority of those who would choose to "bind" us to their rules about love and sex and turn a beautiful and natural human desire/function into sin.

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