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The Echoing Green

William Blake

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theme of "The Echoing Green"
Added by: Madeeha Umar
Its a beautiful poem bringing forth the reality of life. Time goes on and youth grows old. All the events are repeated over and over again just to give us some little thoughts: "we were once the same", "where and how swiftly has time flown by", " life like everything else is mortal and must come to an end".
This life is very repetitive. Nothing changes even after so many years....thoughts, feelings, activities, needs etc all remain the same only we are not there to
give life the title of monotonous and thus it remains a hidden mystery for every new comer...........................................
Tyger, by William Blake
Added by: Joy
I think that the poem Tyger, is asking about the presense of God. If there is a God, does he dare create life? Could he? If so, how did he make this creature? Certainly, he did not make this hard-as-iron creature using only his power. The tyger did not just suddenly appear, as the stories say. Also, the part about, "Did he who make the lamb make thee?" I think means "Did he who made sweetness and carefree make such intense and frightening power?"
The Eccohing Green
Added by: Camilla
In this poem, Blake has created an idealistic society. The children are free to play from dusk to dawn in the secure surroundings of the village green watched over by their mothers and the old folk. The infants are comforted and safe “round the laps of their mothers”. The people here feel secure in this small community.
Blake expresses in simple and lovely diction the happiness and innocence of a child's thoughts.
"The Echoing Green"
Added by: Ben Hatch
After reading this poem, I thought that Blake wanted the transition from the sun rising and setting to symbolize the change of the innocent children into adulthood. This change does not seem to show an inspiring confidence but a rather ominous feeling hence the "darkening Green".

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