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Visitors' Comments about:

On Anothers Sorrow

William Blake

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Great Poem!
Added by: Christina
Exellent Poem! The language used is almost musical. The poem seems very simple when first read, yet when looking in depth it would be quite hard to write, e.g every line exept one in the poem is seven sylables. This poem looks at god in a different light, William blake talks about god as if he is a friend, a comforter, rather than a judge. He asks many questions, then answers them with just one simple word, and at the end of the poem, in the last ree stanzas he no longer asks questions, for he has come to the relisation that God will always be with us when we moarn.
Added by: Susan
I'm totally confused. 'On Another's Sorrow', if you really are referring to the poem by William Blake, does not even mention God. Please could you deliver your point in more detail to avoid further confusion. Many thanks, Susan Olive.

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