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Visitors' Comments about:

A Dream

William Blake

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Languge Arts
Added by: Ron
This poem confused me very much. It took me awhile to look at it and understand it. OVER A MANY TANGLED SPRAY was the line that confused me the most. Otherwise this poem is about a boy that had a dream one night about first laying on the grass and just laying down until he heard a voice say words of sorrow, that when touched the boy caught an attention of a glow-worm who was nearby and happened to be the watchman of the that directed the path for the boy back to his home. If writing an essay on this I would suggest you look at first what took place in the dream and the message you felt was behind it which must be supported. Remember talk as a third person. Example, "The glow-worm was the watchman of the night." Follow this and other grammer rules in a 6 to 7 paragraph essay and you should be correct. REMEMBER TO SUPPORT OPINIONS.
Assume an essay?
Added by: Jough (Editor)
Is "Ron" a teacher? Why six to seven paragraphs? Who would be writing an essay on this poem?

Sorry - I was amused by being given an assignment in a comment to a poem. There were too many prepositional phrases in a row, methinks.

Language Arts
Added by: Dan
I think many people come to this site for help with an English course. I think the main confusion might be with the word Emmet aka Ant. Always look up the difficult words. The boy isn't lost, (Or IS he? Eight paragraphs please.) the ant is. OVER A MANY TANGLED SPRAY is grass.

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