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To Homer

John Keats

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To Homer
Added by: matthew
Form: sonnet


14 lines

> the poem was written in January of 1818

> the character in the poem is Homer

Cyclades: A GROUP of islands of southwest Greece in the southern Aegean Sea. The name was used in ancient times for the islands surrounding Delos

Jove: (Roman Mythology) supreme god of the Romans but also a counterpart of Greek Zues

Neptune: the god of the waters

Pan: the god of the woods, fields, and flocks, HAVING a human torso and head with a goat's legs, horns, and ears

Dian: goddess with three names, Luna, Diana and Hecate; ruled in Heaven, Earth and Hell (trinity)

> also, three figured goddess


The character explains his situation. He wanders knowing very little about the world. However, the gods (nature) took away the veil so he could truly see what was around him. This makes him appreciate everything a lot more, even the "precipices" is recognized for its ability to reveal nature's splendor FROM a high point of view.

Added by: emilyyyy
Keats takes comfort in the fact that he will live on and transcend death through his works as Homer lives on through his.

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