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Ode To A Nightingale

John Keats

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Added by: ben stephenson
To Amber Wilson.
I you have nothing but pureile, childish comments to make, dont make any. Keats is a poet of extraordianry standing. He WAS quite probably gay, but the only people this seems to bother is infants such as yourself. If you have something worthwhile to say, which i seriously doubt, we would be happy to read it, but otherwise please keep uneducated thoughts to yourself.
Added by: Keanu Scott-Reed
Keats ode to a nightingale constitutes a desire to escape his depressing life and in a way envies the nightingale its trouble-free life..able to fly away and forget what it has never known. he considers escape through drink but discards this in favour of escape through the 'wings of poesy' or the imagination. He does not seem to be embracing the pain that comes with life and thus overruling his idea of pleasure intertwined with pain in a way. Although he associates pleasure with death later on...but he wants 'to cease upon the midnight with no pain'
in the last stanza he talks about fancy being a 'deceiving elf' perhaps suggesting that reality is too strong? The imagination is just another form of escapism and thus deception from everyday life...not embracing the pain but avoiding it?
I dunno if this helps any1..was just going thru the poem just now and these are some of the thoughts that occured to me. :)SMILE! LYF IS GOOD!
To Amber Wilson
Added by: Junzhe Zou
Why do you think this poem is gay? I think it is a great poem that describes the poet's thoughts about life and death. I like the last question in his poem "do I wake or sleep?" because there are so many ways you can look at it, from simple day dreaming to "whether death constitutes forgetfulness or whether life is a slumber from which death awakens us"--quoated from Scott Hill.

I also agree with JAckie Brown, it is a bit long.
Added by: Tyler Moreland
Poetry, more so than alcohol and death, is the MAIN escapism that is capable of freeing the human soul from harsh reality to a more idealistic, perfect world. This is what Keats wants us to grasp.

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