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Ode On A Grecian Urn

John Keats

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Added by: P
Let it be said that the poem summarizing "Ode on a Grecian Urn" submitted by the "wendy" (the third entry) was not her work. It was written by Desmond Skirrow.
Misplaced analysis
Added by: Ben
Most of this criticism focuses on Romanticism when the poem is the question. Whether or not Keats was a Romantic, movements only exist in hindsight: he could not possibly have known what would define his generation before he died so young. It is, in fact, the universal nature of the poem that makes it worthwhile. And, whether or not you agree that "Beauty is truth, truth beauty," the line is haunting.

Perhaps it is how Keats reconciles the impermanence of the "Sylvan Historian" with the fleeting moments it depicts. The Beauty of the pictures (the moment) can only exist in the Truth of the object which "shalt remain" long after we are gone.

I find it poetically inspiring, not depressing.
Added by: Tiziana
thank you for your comments! They help me very mutch to understand better what I' m studing....I'm Italian...bye bye
Ode on a Grecian Urn
Added by: Michaelangelo
Excellent poem. Right up there on my list with Where the Sidewalk ends. A bit sarcastic, but Keats is a great writer. Long live the Urn, for it will outlive us all.
Added by: Victoria
"Cold pastoral" doesn't mean "COLD" it refers to the concept of 'frozen' and 'unchanging' not 'cold, harsh, unforgiving'.
Ode to Urnboy
Added by: ea
Jeremy asks: so what do others think? what would you choose, eternal feelings of fervent erotic desire or the momentary experience of one kiss?

Well, Jeremy, you should know -- The Urn's still got erotic glow.
Added by: thinley gyeltshen
yes truth is beauty, beauty truth. definitely there is artistic beauty on an urn but, how beautiful it would be if our life immortal and eternal..

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