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Visitors' Comments about:

The Walrus And The Carpenter

Lewis Carroll

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Added by: suck
o my gosh this poem sucked so badly i cried
Added by: kent
I think that the dogma submission makes sense as to the meaning of the poem, I don't agree with religion as that but I can understand how people who don't believe in God could find it as more of a buisness. But thats all well and good because their opinions.
And on a sidenote you tithe yes to pay the bills so the church can continue because spiritual bread is more important than physical. Hopefully unlike some churches the money isn't pocketed by some psuedo-priest
Enjoy It!
Added by: Lena
I'm 12 years old and I simply adore this poem! I beleive it has little or no "hidden meanings" and that it was mearly written in good nature and that it has a slight moral that is extremely "unhidden" for lack of a better word. Which is why I like it, because it leave the imagination to explore every wonderful word in this fantastic poem!
the carpenter
Added by: starrlight
I don't think the poem has anything to do with religion, because the argument that the carpenter represents Jesus is probably invalid. When L.Carroll gave his illustrator the poem, he told he he could draw a baronet, a butterfly, or a carpenter. I'm not sure how a butterfly or baronet could represent Jesus, so it seems he was choosing words that fit into the meter of the poem.

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