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Always Marry An April Girl

Ogden Nash

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Always Marry An April Girl
Added by: Caroline
As the hundredth anniversary of Nash's birth approaches, I am hearing discussion of his poetry on a locally produced radio program. According to what I just heard, this poem was inspired by his wife's HAVING been born in April.

Nash was a favorite poet in my family, and his work was a subject of study in my ninth grade English class, when the teacher did a "section" on humor.

As I don't encounter references to him often, these days, I hope there will be a revival of interest in his work.


Added by: April
Yay! I first encountered his poetry as a child (I was a book nerd :D ) and loved it! Then I came across 'Always Marry an April Girl' and was so excited that a poem had been wrote with my name in! Not lengthy but is really from the heart. I learnt this off by heart and read it at school because I loved it so! (I was only 6, leave me alone!) But yes... As you can tell I babble when I talk about things I like!
Added by: steven
this may be the most beautiful thing ive heard in years .. you must be born in april to appreciate it ,, i know this man now
Added by: Tom
Oh god where do I start... this si the most extravagant thing that I have ever encountered. This poem has changed my life...

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