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Charles Bukowski

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Added by: jim
I felt the nice and happy time at the restaurant being contrasted with a sense that he wanted to share that with the others on the bus. but they live in differnt worlds and we can never be sure of another person's experience of the same event. This seems to be Charles' most appart pain in many poems. lack of a feeling of intimacy with others. comepletely absorbed in his own experience but wanting to share it with others.
Added by: Vali
I have seen many bright-eyed angels sitting in various nirvana nodes across this world..complacent stares and simple lies to hide something, to hide what? but he left that place and the rest of us have to move on as well
Added by: Matt
This is an example of Buk at his best- his realism- having taken the bus from one city to another in the winter, this is something I can relate to myself- he's got it just right
Added by: Shumba
What makes this poetry-this could be the opening line of a great novel. Reminds me of Marquez perhaps, but it is not poetry--but very good prose.
Added by: Lucy
My first and favorite Bukowski poem. I read it in the middle of a book store and almost cried at its beauty. I just love it.

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