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Puedo Escribir

Pablo Neruda

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Added by: Philippa
Have you ever read a more beautiful poem? I must say though, it's sounds better in Spanish than in English. Some things just don't translate well and this is one of them.
Added by: Maggie
I love this poem, and you're right it's impossible to translate it and still keep the same feeling that it brings along with it. Although some translations are very good, none of them do justice to what is very well one of my favorite Neruda poems
Interesting Note on Puedo Escribir
Added by: Ron Peters
I read once of Neruda lecturing in Chile about his poetics after a long exile. The lecture had much to do with his politics and the role of the "nationalist poet" more than anything else. He did after all consider himself, as a mature writer, to be more of an "agent of change" than a romantic lyricist. But at the end of his talk he was asked to recite this early love poem. He demurred, unwilling to test his memory and perhaps put off by the popularity of these lines. Remembering even your own poetry word for word must be daunting for anyone.

In response to his timidity, half of the crowded lecture hall spontaneously rose and recited verbatim all 32 lines of "Puedo Escribir."

This poem's self-centeredness and self-pitying was an embarrassment to Neruda in his later years. But for those that look to (and perhaps need) poetry to express lost passion, there is nothing - in any language - that compares.

"Es tan corto al amor, y es tan largo el olvido."
my favorite
Added by: Nanis
This poem is my absolute favorite of all, just reading it still brings tears to my eyes and breaks my heart all over again (and I've read this poem tons of times) But i love it!
Added by: Azahar
there's nothing like the original... this poem its so incredibly BEAUTIFUL!... whenever i read Neruda i realize how beautiful my 1st language is :)
he was unique... can't not be compared with anybody else... If i have had been born at the beginning of last century, i would have definitely been Neruda's lover :oP ... *sighs"
Added by: Lady in Love
After reading the commennts on this poem I would love to read it, but I don't speak spanish, could anyone help

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