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My First Affair With That Older Woman

Charles Bukowski

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My life
Added by: shane alber
Hahaha. A good laugh because it so resembles my life. It seems like sometimes drinking alone is healthier, or at least less heartbreaking.
Added by: Missy
I have to agree, I think the line "I drank alone for two years after that" is equally heartbreaking and understandable... oftentimes I think drinking alone would soften the need drink to "cure" sadness. And this is absolutely one of my favorite poems because of its brief, concise language and entirely understood emotion.
Things You Help
Added by: Matt Ledoux
I think that we have all had someone that has come into our lives and turned things on their head. You know that you should get away but you can't help be drawn to them and in the end it hurts badly. Maybe we truly can't help who we love sometimes. I know I've been there and sometimes still more the loss of that person.

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