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Visitors' Comments about:

The Conspiracy

Robert Creeley

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Added by: Janusia
I adore this poem. It's so simple, unpretentious and pure -- the way I once was.
Added by: WOTAN
Dear Mr. Creeley,

I must apologize really --

I find that I DO like your poems,

unlike Charles Olson's tomes.

Mr. Creeley -- can you help me?

I need you to send this to "He."

I think you know who I mean.

It's high time that dope was seen.

I liked your "Rain" the best today,

but it's Christmas eve, so must away.

Time to light the pyramid fire

and stream with torches o'er the mire.

(Please Write back.)
Added by: Dorothy
I like it too, but I say it should be "cheer," not jeer. By the way, is Eggars a Scottish name, by any chance? Anyone know? Raise your hand.
Added by: baps
most of creely's 'work' strikes me as having been jotted down in a notebook when he was stoned. but the most dissapointing thing is - there's somethring wrong when a poet gets to his 13th book. 'Echoes' is a vague and pointless excercise in poetic bull.
Had this book been submitted to a publisher by an unknown poet it would be thrown in the trash. for god's sake at least move on the short story

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