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Visitors' Comments about:

My Last Duchess

Robert Browning

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This is hard
Added by: harps
This is a hard and difficult poem to understand, what am i gonna do
Added by: Kate
The duke is isn't a nice guy. He has some sort of a pride complex and can't "stoop" to even tell his duchess what bothers him about her. asshole
Added by: geetha
the tail oops tale of a male chauvinist PIG
Added by: Beyonder
This Duke has serious issues... he's so possessive of this fine lady that he can't stand her even smiling at anyone but him.
He acuses her of being fliratious and unfaithful when she did little but smile and be pleasant to men other than himself.
He is even jealous of the white mule she rides. Does anyone see a problem here... but it gets better, he gets so ticked with
all this and "gives commands" that stop her smiles... and then he alludes that she's not alive any more. This powerhungry
dominator had his wife killed because he couldn't possess her completely. What's worse? now he's speaking to an envoy about
marrying another young girl, hoping that she will be more submissive, showing her smile to none but him, just the way his
last wife now does, as she hangs as a painting, as his possession, with a curtain so that only he can look upon her.

Scary stuff, neh? yet it happens more often then ya might think, even today....
Added by: sabin
the poem shows...how men can get away with it... and the funny thing is ...even in european countries...i thought this was only a norm of the East
Added by: K
This poem is clearly about the murder of the eponymous Duchess, carried out by her husband's orders. 'I gave commands'. The husband, a Duke, relates his story to a mere envoy, and comes across as very cold and calculated. He also regards women as property 'a piece' or 'an object', and is very materialistic, namedropping Fra Pandolf and Claus of Innsbruck. He hasdesign's on a Count's daughter.
Added by: Rachel
This guy is so arrogant it makes me really mad to think he got away with it...and will do again...
Added by: Crystalier
The Duke wants to control and possess the duchess totally like one of his prized pieces of artwork... perfect .... he wants to be the owner of her... yet the duchess' nature is to be happy with simple things... and his title doesn't mean much to her.
Added by: Nicola
A very sinister poem, but also insightful and thoughtful.
Added by: Nics
I think you guys are getting too involved in this poem, its fictional and it was written in the Victorian era. The poem is meant to be contraversial, and some of the readers have mistaken Browning for the Duke. 'My Last Duchess' was written by Browning to be a nasty, malicious poem from the view of an arrogant, materialistic Duke. I tink Browning is meant to be critical of the Duke through the way he portrays him, it seems that this poem is meant to have been ironic.

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