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Visitors' Comments about:

I Met A Genius

Charles Bukowski

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Added by: Chas Mastin
Having read everything the man ever wrote, for some reason i keep coming back to this poem, which is my favorite. Well, ok, one of them...love the simplicity.
Added by: Chris
that kid is fucking right you know. the ocean is a huge, blue, disgusting polyps of a thing. screw the sublime, side with 6 year olds!
Need more of them
Added by: Harry Shall
This is simply the best. It beautifully demonstrates the core of genius - simplicity and sight for originality.
I should know
Added by: Lisa G.
He's saying, and I agree, that you're a genius or at least a special person when you can come to conclusions by yourself and carry no reverence for what you are expected to think.
Beauty is a human enterprise
Added by: Steve T
I appreciate the comments by Lisa. Also would like to add along the lines of Jean-Paul Sartre, the world is a collection of atoms which in itself is neither beautiful or ugly, it simply exists. It is humans which bestow value, and deem a particular set of atoms (the ocean) to be beautiful or not.

It might be tempting to say then that the ocean is ugly. But this too is a value judgement. It does not logically follow. The ocean is no more ugly than it is pretty.

Bukowski's works are bold and thus can be dangerous also if misunderstood. Further reasoning might say that if the ocean is not pretty than neither is a forrest, nor the sky, nor anything else for that matter. One would certainly end up with a case of depression. This is missing the point of the poem.

the Ocean
Added by: bilbo
OK, JIM, enough with your innane, overly intellectualized comments re:the little boy vs. The Ocean. Your cheap, beer-sodden analysis tells Us nothing about the True Nature of the poem. Clearly, this is a poem about Bukowski's love for little boys, and the lengths he would go thru to be alone with them/.//.+

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