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I died for Beauty—but was scarce

Emily Dickinson

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i lived for beauty
Added by: jeremy
this will forever remain one of my favorite poems because it voices in general terms my philosophy of the purpose/meaning of life.

life is all about getting the most out of it by appreciating beauty. "i died for beauty" equates to "i lived for beauty."

beauty is not only physical beauty. it has infinite forms, levels, degrees, and colorful "countries" (cummings' "somewhere i never travelled, gladly beyond")

here, dickinson joins keats in equating beauty and truth.
Added by: Ogdred
Dickinson is one of those poets with whom I feel it's always dangerous to see just one meaning. I have always thought there was a certain despair in this poem: "We talked...Until the moss had reached our lips- / And covered up - our names-"
They do not continue their discourse after moss, time, has obliterated their names. No one now remembers them, or their deed of dying for truth or beauty. Perhaps, is dying for truth or beauty to no avail?
Added by: natalie
Did beauty die for lack of truth and truth die for lack of beauty because they are the same and one cannot exist without the other?
truth asks "Why I failed?"
does this mean why I (truth) failed or why I (beauty (narrator of poem)) failed?
Added by: sonya osay
it is sad to say but this poem relates to a lot of people who spend a lifetime to look a certain way. for the people who generally believe one can be perfect, they should analyze those words of emily dikinson and enforce it in their lifestyle.
Added by: ALI
The basic theme of this poem is beautyand truth. writer discuss two kind of person one who died for beauty and other who died for truth. they both have relavent between eachother is false. they both were wrong for dying reason.
Added by: Anna
"Why I failed" is a way of asking how did she die. How did u die? I died for beauty...
Added by: Whisper
"Why I failed?" is simply asking why she who had dies for beauty failed, not why he who dies for truth failed.

The quotation marks confused me at first, too.

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