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"Hope" is the thing with feathers

Emily Dickinson

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Added by: cookie
I really like this poem. The way that Emily Dickinson describes the good in hope leading down to the fact that hope had never given her any. And how she says that she had seen hope so many times and seen how it effected people for the better. But she also mentions the fact that hope can be taken away like it had in most of her life. Emily Dickinson has clearly sealed her position as the most unique woman poet in my eyes.
Added by: DramaQueen
Dickinson is amazing! If I could express human emotion half as well as she could.....
Emily Dickinson..gives us the most wonderful enlig
Added by: Ariane Mae FLores

Hope is the Thing With Feathers is the sixth part of Emily Dickinson’s poem called life. This poem studies the idea of hope in the free spirit of a bird. I love this poem because not only that Emily Dickinson uses imagery to help describe why hope is the thing with feathers but she also uses metaphor to create a more vivid picture of it.
Dickinson uses a bird to describe the idea of hope. Hope is an inanimate, of course, but by giving hope feathers, she was able to create an image hope in our minds. The image of feathers symbolizes hope itself. Feathers demonstrate hope because feathers make it possible for you to fly and offer the image of having new expectations and new beginnings. A broken feather, on the other hand, builds up an image of a needy person who has been beaten down by life. It also means that their wings have been broken and they can no longer have the power to have a desire or aspiration.
In this poem, Dickinson used a very good symbol that represents an everlasting hope. She used a bird that never stops singing at all to signify an eternal hope. Also, by saying, “I’ve heard it in the chilliest land and on the strongest sea” in the first line of the last set of stanzas, she gives us an inspiration that hope is eternal and everywhere and it exists for everyone.
I chose this poem because I thought that it offered me a wonderful message that I have to take with me till the end. I learned that hope is a free gift and that it exists for all of us. I learned that hope would never vanish as long as we do not let it despite the hardships and difficulties in life.
Added by: Me
This poem actually makes no sense at all. I wonder why people can't just write what they want to say and not beat around the bush competing to see how many people they can confuse in the process.
Added by: Sydney
This poem, I have to say, is my favorite of Emily Dickinson. Out of the very many poems I've had to read for high school. This poem made me want to do things. This poem has made everyone I know want to run out and do things they've never done before. Dickinson makes me believe that hope will come out of no where...but it will come...and if you have hope...you can accomplish anything. This is my motivation to continue on through high school. To not break down. This should be everyones' motivation. To do...anything.
when I know the hope
Added by: Amanda_lo
In sometines, people don't know where the hope is. But in fact it has placed in your heart for a long time. I feel so sad when I failed of life. when I didin't discover something that can set up my mind and make me brave again. I find it now, I hope it is not too late. so it is leading me to the fact, I really know it doesn't give me up and always be with me. ever after I would afraid of anything because I have you-my hope.
what kind
Added by: nicole
what kind of poem is this? (villanelle, sonnet, etc.)

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