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Fame is a fickle food

Emily Dickinson

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Added by: justin
i need criticism , you idiots. not just the poem, this is a worthless website!!
Added by: Rose
Justin, the critism should come from your head. Use your brain!

This poem speaks about the workings of fame. One person doesn't get it twice; the birds don't eat of it because they can sense the danger.
Added by: luisa
In this poem, metaphor is used to show a comparison between fame and how ephimeral it can be.It si said that fame is like a shifting plate, you can be famous once and suddenly become a current person.
Added by: Alli
This poem is very insightful! Dickinson is saying that fame only comes once and even them, is short-lived. The remnants of fame are bitter and disgusting. Those who once were your fans- now simply "flap past" you to something sweeter. If you put your stock in fame, you will be grossly disappointed, and will "die". That is, your purpose, because if was contingent on the approval ofothers, will be lost.
Added by: mary
i think the poem suggests that fame is uncertain (like the food, of course it doesnt stay long) and people are wanting it heavily yet they ended up hurt as in "men eat of it and die"

***people must appreciate works of poetry like this...
Added by: Rhys
Listen, this is quite a short poem written by Emily Dickinson while she was at her most gealous stage of writing. We may all know that Emily Dickinson was not the outdoor person, in fact she could have had a phobia for leaving her house. Anyway, this poem stress' that fame is a plate of food, and fame constantly changes, thus it lays on a shifting plate. Fame will only come once, and men you eat fame, symbolically having fame, die.

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