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I Made A Mistake

Charles Bukowski

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self pity
Added by: jim
He deparately wants to be loved by this woman. she apparently left as a result of his innocent (?) question about the owner of the underwear, as if there may be another woman. his own lack of thought in phrasing the question seems to be his mistake. he has no power to bring her back.
Added by: evad maclaren
Ah, I've been there.... Wish I hadn't, but, yes, I've stumbled-drunkenly past stupidity, and dove head long into obssession. Look out!
Added by: J.Z.
I wonder how many men would have the courage to not only write this, let alone feel this, but then also to give it to her if they had the chance -- if they ever saw the blood red bomb she was driving again. My guess is Not many.
Added by: Lisa G.
Can you blame her for being upset? He didn't know if they were hers! Is that a sign of someone who is really in love with and committed to one person? He should have at least had the sense not to ask the question, even if he thought it very pressing that the panties be returned to their rightful owner.

The question told her that he didn't really care about her, that he was just using her. When she said "those belong to a dog," she was probably referring to him.
Added by: lee
It wasn't that he didn't know who the panties belonged to. He knew. And he was sticking it in her face. She couldn't take it and she ran. If she'd have stayed after that, he'd have owned her. They both knew that. She could have accepted it, but chose not to. I'm not sure his regret is all that real. He knew what he doing.
Added by: Missy
Definitely not.

What a moron!

Generally, it isn't a good idea to loop your finger through a pair of panties and question your girlfriend/romantic partner as to their owner.

That kind of stupidity could not have been calculated!
Added by: Matty C
His mistake was that he asked the woman if the panties were hers. If you were in love with one woman you would know if they were hers or not. The woman left because she knew that the question was referring to eithe her or another woman who he has been sleeping with. The moral is "sometimes you do not realize how good something in your lfie was until it is gone"

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