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The Raven

Edgar Allan Poe

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The Raven
Added by: J S
Truly the work of a genious
Added by: Dana
i think this poem is amazing.
How can such a guy like E. A. Poe create such a poem with great talent. This poem can be really freaky if it happened to a person in real life.
Added by: Jess
I'm 14 right now and I'm trying to analyze The Raven for a project. Heres what I think: The raven is a symbol of the nagging demon that is constantly reminding him of the death of his wife Lenore, whom in reality had a different name. But, he always uses 'lenore' when he writes about her, and the raven is reminding him that she will return to him Nevermore.
(Also, Nevermore rhymes with Lenore, so that could mean something...) And also, her death/ the reminder of her death drives him insane.
Added by: Paul S.
How is it that this poem is not in the top three on this site is a crime. This poem is as close to absolute perfection as any in the English language.
Added by: Guy
Yup, about death, knocking at his door, should he answer? He does, the poem (life) ends.
Added by: Cindy
I dont get it.
Added by: jenn
how can this poem be about his wifes death if she died 4 years after it was written?! duh!
Added by: Big Daddy
This poem is a one of a kind and to me is wonderful
the raven
Added by: walter
If you did not know already, opium was a major drug in the u.s. when poe wrote this poem.Lots of people believe that when he was writting the poem he was smoking(while i pondered weak and weary). It is said that after each stanza is writtend he inhales in a little more(6 Back into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning).The chamber door is an implied metaphor for his heart and Lenore is an implied metaphor for his first lover janice(And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
Thrilled me- filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before). Elmyra or Virginia his other lovers never did this for him. He wants to die and be on the other side with her, but the raven(NEVAR/NEVER) always replies nevermore.
the poem
Added by: Amber Cline
the poets use of words to make you feel the dreariness of the poem really inspires me to write such beautiful poetry as this.

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