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Sonnet - To Science

Edgar Allan Poe

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Added by: Krissy77
I love E. A. Poe's poetry it is so deep and seems to come straight from the soul he is one of the best poets ever in my opinion.
Added by: megan
i think Edgar Allen Poe is a genius. He puts his thoughts INTO such discription and meaning. For being only fifteen i understand what he says and i find it so incredible.
Poetry of a Young Man
Added by: Maureen Nelson
This is my favorite poem by Edgar Allen Poe. It may have been his first poem, written when he was sixteen years old. I see that Megan (above) was relating to the heart of this youthful man. He brings me back to a time before "remembering forgot to forget" (a line from one of my poems).
Added by: Jessica
In this poem, i believe that Poe criticizes science. He accuses it of taking away the wonder, mystery and magic of the world and replacing it with reality. It is also important to keep in mind the many accomplishments of this time period when he wrote the poem, specifically, the industrial revolution.
Added by: Matt
I think it is clever how he says that science is grabbing hold of his heart, so maybe that shows his respect for it. I like how Poe is indirectly exalting science for "loving" the dull vulture. It's cool how he describes science as causing different good and bad things. He even tells of sciences effect on him in the end. Its seems to take knowledge and analyzation to figure out what he's talking about, cause I'm not sure I'm even on the right track!

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