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That The Night Come

William Butler Yeats

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Added by: Leonard Cottrell
Two sestets each one
Trimeter--three beats per line.
The trimeter throbs consistently until the last line and then trimeter
momentum forces you to say


compressing three beats into four syllables and ending with a boom-ti-boom-boom. Forceful. prepared by the cannon and kettledrums anyway.

She lived in storm and strife,
Her soul had such desire
For what proud death may bring
That it could not endure
The common good of life,
But lived as 'twere a king

That packed his marriage day
With banneret and pennon,
Trumpet and kettledrum,
And the outrageous cannon,
To bundle time away
That the night come.

Lot about this poet to be learned by reading his poems aloud, even twelve-liners like this.

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