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For Jane

Charles Bukowski

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allusions to this poem
Added by: rum
this is one of the greatest poems of the 20th century.
an allusion to this poem and other great works of poetry may be found at: http://geocities.com/Rum108/Poetry/tributetopoetry.html
Added by: Vali
what can anyone say about this. this has no depth, this is strictly superficial and should be understood as such. he lost what he felt had justified his existence...he lost something real and became something new. you can't try to understand something like this poem, it is just there, like the tigers.
Added by: Scott McConnell
This poem speaks to anyone who has loved and lost, not only to death, but lost in general. Anyone who does not hold back tears when they finish this poem does not feel. Those people lack the most important function of life, love.
Added by: Little Boy
There are none. This is what makes Bukowski so great. He doesn't dance around the subject - he gets right in there. Some people may try to find something more with tiger but the plain and simple point is GRRRRRRRRRR!
The obvious
Added by: Lisa G.
Since the poem is entitled "For Jane," the poet must intend for Jane to read this poem and see that her love is the only thing that keeps apathy from destroying his spirit. He's begging her to save him. The poet has become so pathetic that it's deeply touching. He hopes Jane will be touched enough by his admission of need to agree that his need is a sign they should be together.
To Lisa G.
Added by: Řyvind
This poem was written to Jane, one of the few women Buk ever loved. She died an alcoholic's death, drunk poisoned and bleeding.
He wrote this and a couple of other poems as a response to her death.
To Oyvind
Added by: Lisa G.
Thank you for pointing out my error. I think I actually appreciate the poem better now. If Jane was dead, the feelings expressed in this poem must have been truly hearfelt, not things he said to Jane just to win her back.
sure enough
Added by: Řyvind
I quite agree, Lisa! :-)
It has a sincerity and affection to it that makes it one of my favourite Bukowski poems.
He very rarely showed that kind of sentiments for anybody, but it sometimes shone through.
And those poems give a very welcome contrast to a lot of his writing.

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