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Sylvia Plath

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Added by: mandi
this is such a great poem- vivid. beautiful. words are so cruel.
Added by: sylviasupporter
sylvia's poetry is definitely one of a kind. if you do decide to critize her work, please put a lot of thought into it and try to spell words correctly!
My love for this poem
Added by: Tullya
This poem goes beyond wonderful for me. I read it for the first time and I didn't understand, but we had to do an exercise with it in which we acted out the poem, and in trying to give an accurate portrayl of this poem, I slowly but surely understood. We did what is called readers theatre, and took SELECT lines. I love the depiction of a path, or road. Axes really spoke to me, as I interpreted it as self-injury, the brining of a knife to ones skin. I thought the poem was vivid, cruel, desperate, and absolutely unforgettable.
bad speller who loves plath
Added by: Hilary
What does spelling have to do with criticism? How does it relate to this poem? A close look at this poem reveals that language is a powerful, brutal, and controlling force...in condemning misspellers, you have succeeded in providing us with an example of how words "govern" our lives. Thunk yoo verdy moch.
Bad Speller?
Added by: Erik
haha... That was great, Hilary.
Added by: Ali Homayoun
This poem should be considered from the perspective of femenism criticism

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