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The Disquieting Muses

Sylvia Plath

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hmmm . . .
Added by: Linnea
i'd be lying if i said i knew the history behind this poem, but it seems to me that this is about her relationship issues. plath felt that she was trying to find a replacement for her father in a husband, and after writing this in her journal, as if on cue, she met ted hughes.
ted had very unusual views on poetry, he felt that all good poetry was about instinct; humans have lost thier connection to thiers. other animals hunt, do not have egos, whereas humans are completely different. he also felt that all poetry was inspired by a muse, but not as a person, but as each woman was a manifestation of a divinity, namely, "the white goddess."
having said that, it seems that plath is writing about her feelings of abandonment, which came flooding back to her when hughes packed up his things, humming, and left her.

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