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The Bee Meeting

Sylvia Plath

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The Bee Meeting
Added by: Megan
I think that this poem is about her funeral, her being sylvia plath. She is watching all these "Bees" buzz around her and hold the ceremony and either bury her or cremate her...
You damn pessimists...
Added by: Sébastien Charpentier
Come on, just because this is Sylvia Plath, it doesn't meen ALL her poems are about suicide and death. This poem is probably one of her rare poems with a positive voice! Don't have first impressions even before reading the damn poem!
Added by: Hali
Don't you think it is about social confinements, when you analyze it with her other Bee poems? I think that it is talking about how she is getting pushed into a life of a queen bee, a life which consists of the sole task of laying eggs, which can be though of as motherhood in general. Plath doesn't want to be just a mother, she wants to be more. The villagers, society, is pressuring her to fit one and only one mold and she allows them to, even though she doesn't want it. She actually satys in the mold until a lter poem, "Stings" where she escpaes the hive.
sylvia plath, bee meeting
Added by: kelly
hali, you are wrong. have you read her life story? she has a baby! the poem is about her death as it says so obviously in the last two stanzas.

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