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Sylvia Plath

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Added by: Aquakwak
this is a poem that really shows how locked up Plath must have felt during her life. For those who have looked into her background and history, know that she was suicidal. This poem illustrates that she felt she had to be a part of society just like anybody else, but in fact she wanted to be her own person. She feels she has to be a 'mirror' which symbolises that she has to be an exact copy of all other members of society, and thereby hiding her true inner self. She describes her husband as the Lord of Mirrors, because he just follows the crowd and hides. This poem can be seen on a attack on society
A veil
Added by: Susana
For starters, Purdah means a curtai or screen. The system in muslim or hindu communities of keeping women from the sight of men or strangers. i believe that this poem is about female opression. and as the previous writer commented that it was about an opression from society, i believe it is more about female opression from society, specifically male opression. She is tired of this opression and wants someone to listen, "Attendants! Attendants!" The fact that it is written in a third lined stnza draws more attention to the reader.

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