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Sylvia Plath

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Added by: simongray
Mushrooms is about the slow and the steady winning the race, and Plath has written this openly, with many possible underlying meanings. it could be about womens rights, Jews, maybe her baby (!?) or just generally people that are passive and compliant, hippo's, or who knows. it is not dark, but gentle and subtle and nice.
Added by: Angela
I think that mushrooms is a poem with a comical tone. It is about her preganacy. Pregnant women think about food constantly at six months. The mushroom is the silent speaker. A mushroom is being compared to creation.
I love this poem
Added by: daniel strinden
I think this poem has to do with homosexuality. I think that she has a messed up mentality and i can relate with the homosexuality.
Added by: lilly
I believe this poem to be about pregancy. The refernce to 'our toes, our noses' and the 'earless and eyeless' because they have not yet formed. the repetition of 'so many of us' may make refernce to a multiple pregnancy.
I also believe it may be making reference to life, especially due to Plath's background, it could represent looking back on her feelings of depression when she was in a better time.
Added by: Ritika
The poem is about anything- the whole "meek will inherit the earth" thought is not solely restricted to the meek. Its just the thought that other subjects, or values, or even material objects that are in the dark are multiplying and since we are not fully aware of them, or for that matter, care about them, they are breeding in copious amouts and one day will overrun us and the things that we know. Plath is merely saying that one should look into things that one does not question, for the simple reason that their foot is in the door- and they are very close upon us.
Added by: nazgul9
I find Jaron's interpretation very interesting; I never thought of this poem being about pregnancy before, but it really makes sense. However, I'm not sure if that's what Plath meant it to be about; I think it was probably a subconscious thought process that created those allusions; her pregnancy would have been on her mind and many of her poems are about childbirth... but I think her intentions were about 'meek' people... not so much women, but more in a general kind of way. The Japanese seem to fit in now, but also at the time that Plath wrote this they were not seen as the technologically advanced society as they are in the last few decades.
In her journal she makes a comment that she just "wrote an exercise about mushrooms which Ted likes. And I do too. My absolute lack of judgement when I've written something: whether it's trash or genius". The simple, matter-of-fact tone here indicates that the poem is just a simple one, using one long extended metaphor, which was more of an excercise incorporating the well-known parable of 'the meek shall inherit the earth' rather than an exploration of something more complex and mysterious.
Oppression of women
Added by: lani
This poem is obviously not about mushrooms or aliens for all you weird people. It is about the oppression of women in the patriarchal society that we live in till this day. It is a postive poem enforcing the power of women, in that we are getting stronger and shall no longer be housewifes who depend on their husbands! It is about women becomming independant of men and rebelling against the conventional roles of women!
Added by: hi its oliver
its me oliver im i 8th grade now but I knew some teacher would make u come here so i thought i better leave a comment . I agre with "ben" this poem is about flying elephants but i have a deep contravesy there is a thought in my mind that this ppoem is about tye-tye flying toasters u probobly wouldnt understan some people think i have a screwed up amentality no average person could agree but hey i m special
I grow mushrooms!
Added by: Mushroom guy
I think that this poem is about the discrimination of mushrooms. People normally think they are poisonous, but fail to realise its inner beauty and power which will be used to take over the world (inherit the earth).
Added by: Tiffanie
this poem is about the woman movement, and did you guys know mushroom means an offensive new comer? Plaith did a wonderful job with this poem through her extended metaphor and her diction. She emphasizes that man has for years basically ignored woman and used them as shelves and stepping stools, but that they've done it for so long woman are putting their foot through the door, they're not taking it anymore and by morning they will inheret the earth.
This poem is not about birth....

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