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Sylvia Plath

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Added by: erica
i think this poem is awesome i love Slyvia the way she speaks about love and hate is so beautiful i also think this mirror in the poem has no heart much like the men she had in her life i wish she would have been reconginized sooner because then if she knew she was doing good then maybe she wouldnt have killed herself
oh man
Added by: JH
i've been reading and analysing poems throughtout the whole day and i was REALLY tired when i met "mirror" br Plath. C'mon, the woman could b getting fat and, sarcasticaly enough as we all agree when talking about Plath, she was reflecting the fears and TRUTH as in line 4 " im not cruel, only truthfull --" the ponctuation there juss tells us she's not finish with the sentence, it tells us her thought wasn't truely expressed: s-a-r-c-a-s-t-i-c-a-l-y!

ok, i had enough for today, juss want some water --
what the mirror is
Added by: georgina
‘Mirror’ by Sylvia Plath

The poem ‘Mirror’ by Sylvia Plath is a very emotional, sad, and magnificent poem. However after reading the poem several times a questions arises in ones head and that is ‘What is the mirror’ that Plath describes in such detail. There is no correct answer, however there is one interpretation that I happen to believe in. This is that the mirror is a personification of herself. From reading about her background and the state of her like the reader knows that she is a very angry and suicidal woman. This poem is a portrayal of depression and confusion.

“I think it is part of my heart. But it flickers”

Although it is the ‘mirror’ speaking, the reader mistakes it with Sylvia Plath because oh the use of personal pronouns. It is as if she is uncertain of who she is and searching for the truth in her life. It also brings out the element of growing old and how she cannot bring herself to look at it because the mirror is the only thing that tells her the truth, and it is as if she doesn’t want to see it.

“Then she turns to those liars, the candles or the moon”

This description emphasizes that Sylvia’s surroundings makes her feel old. The moon will for ever and always look the same, and the candles light up something that she does not.
Added by: Erin Ferrich
This poem has no emotion in it but it does reveal very well what a woman sees inside of her. I think the poem is very well written.
different perspectives
Added by: Tain
this poem is absolutely extraordinary! sylvia is telling her story(her life as it is/ emotions) through the perspective of the mirror. The mirror is saying that is it there NOT to judge but to simply show the reality. in line 2 it says: "What ever you see I swallow immediately". this tells us that the mirror merely reflects what is infront of it eg. the pink speckled wall. it is not there to judge but only to show. Then the woman in the poem is sylvia herself, looking into the mirror, as if she is looking into the lack. or the lack is the sink (someone mentioned this above) that she washes in everyday. i do agree when you say that this poem is saddned and representing her grief and discomfort about her getting old. the terrible fish is a description of herself as to what she sees in the mirror. this poem is extremely profound and it is inceadibly beautiful, even though tere is no rhyme scheme that follows, yet all her poems have the same disoriented pattern, which you can identify and recognize as one of plath's poems!
Info on Plath
Added by: anne
By the way Sylvia Plath did suffer from depression after she had her two kids. She also found out that her husband was having an affair. So thats where the sad mood in the poem comes from (so i've heard). But it's really deep and something you have to read a few times through to get your on take on it- which i think is cool.
Added by: Richard Cooke
This poem I think is not about Sylvia Plath becoming old in the mirror. But I think it is about her becoming an anaretic not about being old. If you refer to the 2nd line whenever I see you I swallow immediatly. However the underlining issue is personnal image. She is looking into the mirror and finding a face that is becoming gaunt and staved of happy emotion.

Futhermore the poem tries to give the immpression that she has transformed into an old woman literally. She has changed her perception of her self. She was once innocent but is innocent no longer.

She is not just sad she is filled with sorrow whenever she looks into the depths of the mirror. Finding no sanity but more chaos.

Sylvia refers to the mirror as only truthful, this is not so. The mirror is the cause of all of her problems Sylvia's writing is a little out of the ordianry however if you would like to know more you should probarbly read a bibliography. And for a poem that you are likly not see any where else read her poem daddy.

Added by: Katie
"Mirror" is an excellent poem that many of us can probably relate to. I just would like to say Plath is a wonderful poet and had a very interesting, yet depressing, life. I highly recommend reading her poetry and prose. She had great insight into her own psychology, most of us do not have the priviledge of knowing the reason for the things we do.
Thoughts and reflections on "Mirror"
Added by: Carly
i think this poem expresses the desperation for control and the desire for self-awareness that people feel, and shows just how human those feelings are. In this poem, the mirror is something that cannot cloud the truth, something that is supposed to show you exactly what is, and what isn't. but even the truth that the mirror offers is skewed and twisted by the bias of human emotion; the urge to see what is wanted, and not what actually is. and because of this, a certain dependancy deveolps between the subject and the mirror. a feeling of helplessness yet desperatep possibility radiate from the mirror, both torturous and befriending to the person subject to the mirror.
Added by: noodles
a truly excellent poem and one of my all time favorites.

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