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Cows In Art Class

Charles Bukowski

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Answer to Bukowski's "Cows In Art Class"
Added by: Stan McKinnon
answer to Bukowski's "Cows In Art Class"

did you forget
or was it,
the wishful thinking
of nostalgia?

but all the nice things
women have

buy the cow
with the softest moo.

you always get
more mouth
than tits

by Stan McKinnon (11/27/01)
Added by: Elsie
what is it about us cows that seems to drive poets crazy??
Added by: El Barto Smogg
The problem with Bukowski's poetry is that it is so easy to read, that a lot of people get the idea that it is also easy to write. The result of that false idea has been tons and tons of awful poems, such as McKinnon's piece of nothing, just above.
This is not Bukowski's best poem, not in a long shot. But, although he goes as far as to call women cows, he never steps in the cheap vulgarity of McKinnons little contribution.

And Elsie, to answer your question: it's because they can't have them. And causes the frustration that bore Bukowski's poem and probably also McKinnon's (but the latter probably hasn't realised that yet).
Added by: Bossie
Oh, they have them. They just don't know what they have until they've traded them for a handful of beans.
about hank...
Added by: josh
bukowski is one of the first "poets" (i know he rejects the term) that i read. his style and subject matter pale some compared to many GREATS, but i can't help being attracted to his voice. "how is your heart" makes me feel particularly pathetic and i feel a sudden urge to drop out and wake up unawares anywhere, grinning at it all. of this poem the comparison of an olympic sprinter to a beer sliding down the bar has always stood out to me. gold!

and if you haven't seen "barfly", try to pick it up. it's ham, and mustard, and lettuce...
moo hoo hoo
Added by: norsemann
you have to be kidding me with those comments right Bartoo? surely you wouldn't slander another for attempting to create art, that is obscene. i happen to find the response at least laughable, wheres yours reeked of anger and frustration. sorry little man in your little world. :-)

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