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Letter In November

Sylvia Plath

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letter in november...
Added by: Sarah
This is set in Court Green, Plaths home in England. She gives a beautiful and fairly detailed description of the scenery around her. The "letter" is addressed to an anonymous reciever, but from "Love" as the first word and the childish language and items, "squelching" "Wellingtons", I believe it is aimed at her child. Especially, "I think I may be enormous"...is she pregnant? "My property"...maybe she is literally speaking of her garden but if we look deeper...could it be her baby? The baby is hers.

Court Green was beside a graveyard and Plath makes references at the end of the poem to this, "death soup" she talks of old corpses and this creepy description reminds us of the "circle of life"...people die and when their bodies degrade they turn into nutrients thus the soil is able to grow these "trees". There are hints of blood and death, is Plath talking of her miscarriage??

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