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Lady Lazarus

Sylvia Plath

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Added by: Jenni
I think this is an important and substantial piece of work that's meant to anaylzed just like how Slyvia was anaylzing herself in many ways. The meaning of her life and death. It seems like to me with death comes her chance to be reborn into anything better than her current condition. Also, i REALLY don't think she's physco. I believe the poem just reflects her pain and how she's feeling. Expressed emotions in a poetic line do not mean someone's crazy...
Added by: Lindsey
Plath was an incredibly thin person all her life. Not because she had an eating disorder persay, but if anyone has read The Bell Jar, in it she talks about not eating for weeks. i dont think this is because of insecurities about her weight, i think its just because of her anguish and depression. At one point in the book, shes put on insulin, and it makes her gain weight rapidly, but there is no indication that she was insecure about this fact either. i think she was more insecure about being thin, and not full figured. Peanuts were also one of her favorite foods, and she ate them constantly, so if she was worried about her weight then she undoubtedly wouldnt indulge in such a fattening snack. i might think though, that she may have had an obsession with food, and her inability to eat for weeks at a time. you could also look at it from the point of view that she had no control over her emtions and she felt as if the world were consuming her. its almost as if shes daring the world to take her in wholly.
men lazarus
Added by: Anna Regan

This poem is about a vulnerable person, sylvia, who despite being strong/immortal? was vying for the blessing of others. e.g. father/ Ted
Lazarus relied on another to be raised.
So despite the seeming anger/strength individuality in the author there was never that true autonomy /independance.
The suicide attempts reflect this hopelessness at achieving self worth independant of the man.
Hence the last line: and i eat men like air
men being likened to an eternal/essential thing
YET not sustaining to 'eat'
so an inappropriate relation to men/

please post on LAZARUSpoem analysis for me* the page is down on my server
Added by: Sephis
Without proper deconstruction you won't understand or appreciate the poem or even the poet. In order to do it properly, you need to consider her socio-cultural context. While she is often considered as being "a hyper sensitive being in an insensitive world", not many are prepared to actually understand that.

I don't think she wrote this poem to make others depressed. No one cared enough about her when she was alive and only now, decades after, do we appreciate her. In that, she seemed to only be screaming out for someone to help her and she accepted the fact that no was going to when she committed suicide (on her forth attempt).

One thing that struck me the most was when she writes
Is an art, like everything else,
I do it exceptionally well."
The sarcasm only really hit a few stanzas down when she states how it's easy for her "to do it in a cell" and to commit it without coming back but what hits her the hardest is that every time she's tried she's come back.

Plath's poetry isn't about depression, it's more than that. It's about how disgusting modern society is - that we're so perverted to just look at her and not be willing to sacrifice anything. Like every poem, you could write a thesis on the deconstruction, what it means and it's effects.

Poetry is a cry from the heart, the words its tears.
home help??
Added by: amy
before sylivia actually killed herself, she left a note with a neighbour asking him to break into her flat at a given time. If he had done this, plath would have probably been 'saved' as the gas would not have killed her yet however, the gas actually seeped through the floorboards and knocked her neighbour unconcious - meaning he couldnt go in and help her!!!!
i think
Added by: sophie
i think that sylvia is depressed about WW2. she comments about it a few times. she is completley disgusted that humans could do such things as making lampshades with the skin of a human. it is also very sarcastic.

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