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I Am Vertical

Sylvia Plath

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Added by: Dogma_benzedrine
This is one of my favorite Plath poems. It uses natural imagery to describe the life of a natural woman, and though I am a man...I understand this need to feel natural within the world.
Added by: Luciene
It's one of my favorites too, but I think it conveys a death wish. It seems someone longs for the rest and solitude that only it might bring.

It sure presents a more naturalistic way of regarding death. And it's beautiful.
I Am Vertical
Added by: Kaylen
I found this poem very well written, but also a bit hard to follow. It could be talking about so many things, but to me it is talking about a leaf.
Added by: Shonda
I feel like this poem symbolizes Plath's isolation from the world, possibly because of her mental illness. This could also have been caused by her husband's betraying her and their children. For whatever reason she wrote it, I can certainly feel her passion and relate it to my life.
Added by: Mike
I agree with Luciene that this is like a death wish.

I think she expresses how she hates living on and wants to have peace after death. Stunningly beautiful poem indeed.
Added by: Laura Hicks
I think this describes her feeling of having hit rock "bottom". She feels unimportant, worthless, and unnoticed by the world, especially her adulterous husband. She does not fit in to normal society, perhaps because of her disorder. She is no great beauty nor does she possess an effervescent personality so desireable by others. Perhaps her husband's mistress is such a person. Her wish is to lay down permanently and laughs at the fact that while in life she was passed over by her husband, she will make him notice her by taking her own life and at that time she will not be around to enjoy his attentions. The society (flowers and trees) that ignored her, will then see her as useful when she is dead. She emphasizes her inability to build relationships due to a lack of understanding her thought processes. Bipolar disordar is characterized by racing and suicidal thoughts. When she is asleep, her thoughts slow down and she is like other people. She shows her vulnerability, sensitivity and grief at her lot in life but sees death as the only way to achieve real peace.

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