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Sylvia Plath

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Added by: Kim T
I believe Mrs Plath knew the end was near and "Edge" was her way of saying goodbye. Proud or her accomplishments but also bleeding inside. The life she became accustom to and the ever present feeling that ultimatley destroyed her. She was a brillant poet and her work speaks for itself and will for years to come. Her work continues to inspire me and although I will never fully understand why she took her own life I can only hope her words and poems give people insite to one of the most influetial writters of our time.
Added by: Darcey
The last line, "Her blacks crackle and drag", stumped me for a few minutes. Then I interpretted it as the rose she became, finally died, the leaves became black, shriveled up and disappeared.
frieda and nicholas
Added by: Linnea
i would say this poem is almost definately about her two children. plath considered herself an unfit mother, which is part of the reason she is dead --if she felt she could raise her kids properly, that would've been a reason to stay.
it's also definitately worth noting that this is, to the best of anyone's knowledge, the last poem she ever wrote. by this point, sylvia was in the habit of writing the date on all of her poems, and even the dates that they were edited. so i'd say this is about her suicide, and also makes references to her children.
Added by: Linnea
i forgot to mention that this poem is loosely based on an ancient greek myth.
just do it!
Added by: David
Pin this poem to the back of your door, put on 'Asleep' by The Smiths and reach for the suicide weapon. Or maybe just read it and then go make a cup of tea instead. Be English about it.
Added by: Lee
Edge is a poem about plath essentially...its not a suicidal note, it is a map/plan of her suicide....she left out "pitcher[s] of milk" for her children before she committed suicide.
on the other hand though if when analysing poems...u shuld never take into complete consideration the poet...if this was a speaker, she is confessing that death is an ultimate end, however society has accepted her and so feels that even though there will be no more she is perfected and can finally rest. she refers to men when stating "deep throats" - and knows that with her ultimate demise, comes an end to the traumas of men.
the phrase - "them back into her body....the garden" refers to her falling back into time to a place where she can just stop and finnaly feel free. at the moment the speaker feels trapped but now knows it can finnaly stop.
the line "the illusion of a greek necessity" refers no to a death - a greek necessity is death at the end of the plays...so by making it an illusion of one she is saying it is not necessary to die, but i want it at this point.
overall, the poem does display scenes of death...but a peacful death...it also displays images of sexuality in the lines about deep throats..etc.....
Added by: Gia
The woman... she is refering to the moon being perfect, and at the end she states 'Her blacks crackle and drag' she is refering to how the sun reflects its light on the moon, makng it black. If she wouldn't of killed herself, this, instead of being considered a suicide note, could have been a play, because in drama, sometimes instead of saying curtains, they say blacks, and the toga would be her costume, the garden the setting, and her two children the actors. By the way, I'm doing this poem for my english class, and I am open to suggestions, I would actually appreciate them.

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