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Sylvia Plath

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Added by: Michael
I think it's about God - the father - and when she says Daddy, Daddy, you bastard I'm through, she's thinking about killing herself (through) and getting through to God. Like a prayer. Or that could be a load of bollocks. (See above)
Plath and Awe
Added by: Reba Nance
Sylvia to me is like a metaphor for Awe. Every thime I read a pome of her despite it being the 1st time or the 100th time it always shows me something new. I feel that she and I have a similar way of emotion for our Fathers. Mine is Imprisoned so I have never had him arround. If it weren't for the phonecalls once every 6 months I would think he might as well be dead.
Added by: Samantha
Plath herself claimed in a BBC interview that "Daddy" is not about herself, but is a contrived situation. Haha, of course we can say "It's not about me" all we want, but every artist knows that we inject ourselves into every work.
Added by: gülsaba taka
this is just an outcry of her especially after finding out the affair of ted and breaking up with him. she just realized that she was hiding behind the death of the dad,, and made him so centeral that she just thought everything silly or troublesome in her life was because of the absence of the dad but she in the poem is aware of the fact that she is just pretending, playing the role of weak, however with "daddy" she overcomes this passive role of her and rediscovers herself after 30 years.. and it is very hard to keep like this knowing the stupid film like life of her till then hence she commits suicide in order to run away from her nonexisting life to a new one.. like rebirth which was looked forward to come by sylvia..
daddy by poor sylvia
Added by: gul saba TAKA
sylvia who lived behind the image o being a weak girl because of her father's death and loved to be pitied and cared by means of this emotional poverty became a strong woman y confessing her hatred or revenge towards the father but actually the poit was not the father but herself. because she chose the way she lived under those unnecessary emotions and feelings of her. with the poem she becomes stronger and much more real "herself".. she just gives up hiding behind the image of being deprived of the father and hence trying to get attention.. she becomes real and so as to run away from those stupid feelings of her in the past she commits suicide to gain a new identity and life..

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