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Sylvia Plath

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Added by: dave
I believe that this poem poignantly portrays the paradox of Plath's new birth, she expresses hope for the baby but despair at the world the child is born to "this ceiling without a star". any more opinions?
Added by: Erin
The "ceiling without a star" is Plath.
Added by: pheobe
i really think sylvia plath was trying to convey her feelings of utmost confusion in this poem, because she starts with love for the baby and progresses into utter dispair and the feeling of being inadequate. i think the structure of the poem should also be noted as it is a well written poem
ted and sylvia
Added by: Linnea
this poem is very interesting, not just because it's brilliant, but because of the history behind it.
as i'm sure you all know, sylvia plath was seperating from ted hughes when she wrote this. it's been claimed that sylvia and ted had a "call-and-respond" way of writing poetry, where one would write a poem and the other would respond to it, often using similar metaphors but turning them on thier head. sylvia was responding to the poem "full moon and little frieda" when she wrote this. specifically, she was reply to;
'a spider's web, tense for the dew's touch. / A pail lifted, still and brimming -- mirror. / to tempt a first start to a tremor.' ted's poem was about him having to leave frieda (she was his favorite, sylvia favoured nicholas). so it can be assumed that the poem 'child' is about the same thing.
Added by: decy crowly
i love this poem
personal opinion
Added by: nataly and shirine
we think that in this poem sylvia plath is comparing her troublous, dark life to the colorful, beautiful life of the child she's addressing.

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