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Sylvia Plath

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The most powerful American writer
Added by: Katie Ellis
This poem really emphasizes her sharp instincts, ironic wit and painful feelings.
Added by: Mike
Plath's Blackberrying seems to be the "hooked" journey through life, with the end of life being the terrible ocean. Does she long for the end? Or is it because we know of Sylvia's plight that we read this into it. Does this poem have to be read as so much hopelessness, or pure simple beauty, despite the ending of beating at an intractable metal?

Sylvia's extensive use of colors is surprsing in quanity when you actually count how many times a different color is used
Added by: josie
first off, I thought this poem was one of the best i've read. At first alittle hard to understand but still wonderful. i am on the english bowl team for Riverton Parke jr. high school and i am trying to find information about this poem to help my team mates understand it. this poem has been injoyable to read.

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