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Sylvia Plath

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Added by: marley
This poem does a great job of illustrating society's blood-lust for disaster and sensationalism. It's easy to identify with Mother Medea in her exposed, vulnerable state. Once the crowd has used her to her last tear for entertainment, they leave her. The imagery is bloody. The crowd reminds me of the kind who would watch bullfights.

The allusion to mythology, "mother medea" is ironic. Medea was a woman hurt by men: she aided Jason in stealing the golden fleece from her father, and was Jason's lover, until he was infidelous. The "mother" bit is ironic because Medea killed her children to punish jason for his betrayal.
Maybe Plath is saying society is wrong for staring at the big picture, and not looking at the causation that led up to it, Medina was not necessarily a bad woman, she was betrayed, and she acted on that anger.

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