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Be Kind

Charles Bukowski

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Added by: Danielle
This was the first Bukowski poem that I ever read, over a year ago, and since then I have read everything that I can find from him. Still I am inspired and enjoy him beyond all other authors.
Added by: Scott McConnell
This is in regards to a great poet and a foolish fan. To read the poems and comment not on them but on how they inspired you is to miss the point. Take the time, make the effort to see the beauty, the wit, the genius and open your mind and let what it creates in you out. Don't simply say that it made you think, that is insulting.
Added by: shawn
i think this poem was written about people like you. get over yourself. bukowski would shit on your comments about his work just as much as he would on mine and the other guy's.
Added by: Harry S
This poem begs the question - What is a wasted life ?
blah blah blah
Added by: Adam
you guys need to relax
Added by: Haya
well depending on what school of thought regarding poetry you're looking at...inspiration by poetry is the point...
Added by: Misha
Shawn has got the point.

He would be laughing at all of us right now- although I have to ask, how does this poem say anything about a wasted life?

It shits on altruism, and perhaps celebrates the would be individual.

Anyway- he would not bother writing something meant to ask YOU anything- he does not ask you what to think, he writes what he KNOWS, and he does it beautifully.

And I apologize, Charles, but I had to do it.
Point Missing..
Added by: norsemann
i love how there is always this one holier than thou amongst us that one, you know him, the one that thinks he has the answers, sometimes he hides up in the trees, other times he comes up straight from hell, either way i sit and shake my head
Added by: Missy
Sometimes missing the point is the best part of the poem.

And especially if you feel afterwards more knowledgable or intelligent than someone else who writes about how much they love it, then you are DEFINITELY missing the point.

In summary, shut up.

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