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Visitors' Comments about:

To Elsie

William Carlos Williams

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Added by: miriam
this poem is absolutely beautiful! i have always envied william carlos williams's talent. he must have been an incredible person!
Added by: Jordan Ruud
This poem is just brilliant. I have it memorized, and reading it aloud helps a lot. I love the way it crescendos from a rather unemotional scenario into words describing our common plight as Americans, at least the America of his time. Building up to a desolate ending, the poem is shattering.
Added by: James E Cook
This is my favorite Williams poem. I admire the continuity of thought, the juxtaposition of the ugliness with the beauty of the deer and the goldenrod which seem somehow unreachable. Williams deserves as well that epitaph of Kerouac's - "He honored life"
Added by: Erin
I completely aggree with Jordan. I memorized and read it aloud too, simply because i had to read it about 300 times because it really overwhelmed me, just all those perfect words fused together. Williams totally draws you in with the way he starts so generic and then by the time you look up you and "Elsie" are one in the same. The last stanza blows my mind. Why isn't anyone paying attention?.. "No one/ to witness and adjust/no one to drive the car"

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