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Visitors' Comments about:

The Jungle Husband

Stevie Smith

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Added by: Donald
"Yesterday I hittapotamus"

must be one of the best lines in poetry
analyzing a poem
Added by: lleeza
it is about a cunning husband but still appreciate his wife. he hopes that his wife will forgive him.
Added by: indhi
why stevie smith uses the word 'hittapotamus' not hippopotamus.........and please give me some ideas on symbolism used in this poem
the jungle husband?
Added by: Corina
yesterday i hit a pottamus? whatver that is that he hit?;-) maybe. The metaphores are so inspiring: the jungle, graan and beautiful on the outside and grey inside, only gets light when something dies. isn't that just another description of life? like.. idealised, 'green', beautiful lucky life, but just that it is not like that, all the bad feelings and stuff are repressed inside, just when we let go of one of these monsters( and it is not easy)- then we get some light the way we see things. errrmm.. does that make sense?

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