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Not Waving But Drowning

Stevie Smith

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Added by: Jeanquitta Ray
I really love this poem. It is a great poem.
Added by: shelby
beautifull expresses the sarcasm of peoples understandings. She creates a cold setting for her poem. The ocean could be a symbol of the emptines of life.
Added by: Michael
A rather sad poem with concentrated meaning throughout every line.
Added by: Michael Again

I enjoyed it too.
Not Waving But Drowning
Added by: HandleyGurl
Seeing as I was assigned this poem by my app.english9 teacher, i wasn't too happy about it. i thought it made no sense, and that it was about some drowning man, but after reading and studying it I've found its really an awesome poem with a quite deeper meaning. If you haven't read it, please do. Its great!
Added by: Tyesha
I am a senior in high school and for my final grade i had to pick a British poet and a poem they wrote and had to write a paper analyzing the poem. This poem is so deep. It is quite a sad poem. The really sad part is this is the exact way people treat each other. People are so self-absorbed that they don't wnat to help other people with their problems. They pretend that they are invisible. And once they are gone then all the Oh he was such a good person and all the good stuff comes out. Quite sad really.
Added by: Paul
I think this poem is about a person who was never heard. no one took him seriously. for example, when aperson is drowning, it looks like they wave. perahps his community always took his gestures as the other meaning and noone really cared about ihm, even when he died. it was a tuff poem to understand, but after a while i understood it
Many Ways to Interpret
Added by: Carolyn
I like this poem because it could be about obsession, swimming, drugs or love...when you read it, it depends upon how you read it or what your perceptions are as to how it might come across. I have to write an explication paper on it for a college class and I suppose I am choosing the interpretation of it meaning that a guy is in love....and his woman never saw it or realized what she was missing...he loved her and he sort of lost her and "his heart gave way" literally FROM being broken by her.
Added by: Alessandro Izzi
I wrote a thesis about Stevie Smith's poetry and I consider this poem as a real master-piece: All mankind is inside the poem, you can find tenderness and indifference, seriousness and wittiness, movement and steadiness, love and hate, wish of living and wish of dying. Everything condensed in a short poem, which tells the story of every human being: yes, because we all are the drowning man, but above all, the public that looks without looking, that struggles without struggling, that lives without living and finally only drowns and drowns without any hope and any help...
Added by: Melissa
I really think this poem is horrible. Stevie Smith has better poems. This poem is probably the worst poem I have ever heard. Take E.E. Cummings for example, now thats a person who know's what their talkin about. I really hate this poem.

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