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Never Again

Stevie Smith

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Added by: Lauren
What does "Me nolentem fata trahunt" mean? And can someone help with analyzing this poem?
Added by: Jenny
As your library's Latin dictionary will tell you, it is about free will and taking control.
Stevie Smith
Added by: Ginger
what does "me nolentem fata trahunt" mean?
Added by: Jennifer
"Me nolentem fata trahunt" basically means "I will not be dragged by fate". I've only taken two years of highscool latin, but I'm Almost positive thats what it translates as.
meaning of Me notlentum ...
Added by: Karen
Me nolentum fata trahunt is a play on a line from the Roman Seneca:
Ducunt volentem Fata, nolentem trahunt. This means "Fate leads the willing, and drags the unwilling". So, Stevie Smith's line means "because Fate drags me, unwilling". Thus, she will no longer beat her head against the wall because she's being dragged by Fate against her will, but will instead rise up and tell God that she's had enough.

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