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Charles Bukowski

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Time wasters
Added by: Harry S
Buk demonstrates loudly here just how much time fools can steal from you
Added by: CTF
Not only does the poem tell you that, Harry, but it seems to be an example of it. Hilarious. I'm definitely starting to like Bukowski, just as my reference thought I would.
And maybe more
Added by: Dr.Evil
Yeah, guys, thats all true..but is maybe more.Buck shows us that there are a people who are desperately in need of Art, of poetry. Itīs ironical, but itīs true..From this point of view the title of the poem is very ambivalent. And optimistic...
Added by: Matt Crocheron
He writes to those who don't necessarily need, but don't know they cannot live without.
Habitually drunk is not necessary, but preferential.
Not being put off by that last statement means you will at least see your friends a little different.
Added by: andy
these people don't need art, they need their magazines to sell

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