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Strange Meeting

Wilfred Owen

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Added by: sam dylan
I'm impressed with sight rhymes of this poem It seems like they are more difficult to compose than rhyming couplets.
'strange meeting'
Added by: Hannan
This particular poem is extremely effective. Owen employs a dark and solemn tone in ORDER to convey to the reader the sheer pointlessness of war. For Owen war was neither glory or honour and portrays clearly in 'strange meeting' that he regrets participating in the horrific slaughter.
Added by: Rachel
this powerful and thought provoking and reflects owen's own hostility towards the war effort and the futility of the actions taken.
Added by: pip
This poem is the most fascinating and complex I have ever studied and I think it's fantastic!The mysterious start leads us to wonder whether Owen is describing the trenches or hell. This deliberate ambiguity demonstrates how war, according to Owen = hell.
strange meeting
Added by: sjors
STRANGE MEETING recounts a dramatic meeting between two dead soldiers who had fought on opposing sides. No longer enemies they find it possible to see beyond conflict and hatred in a shared awareness of "the truth untold" and the need for the poet to proclaim that truth in the face of a world set to "trek from progress".
Added by: Jenny
I found this poem pretty difficult, so i don't really get it. But I think the tone is rather dark and eerie, especially since he sort-of meets the dead man--he's dead too: "Let us sleep now...".

I found this one in Harold Bloom's "Best Poems in the English language".
the soldier,wilfred owen
Added by: vonn
my friend and i beleive that owen had murded the enemy,however we have been told it was the other way around, can anyone please confirm who killed who?thanx x
Added by: lank dog
i think that this poem is a well written poem and i love it however at times it takes alot of thought to get to the underlying message

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