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Mental Cases

Wilfred Owen

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Added by: LJ Priestley
I am only posting a comment because I do not think the category "excellent" does justice to this poem. I have been reading it off and on for 55 years, and, for me, it's power keeps growing with every new reading.

I don't think it needs analysis or explanation. All a reader needs to know is that Owen saw World War I at first hand and spent time in a mental hospital. Against that background the poem is self-explanatory and needs to be brooded over with sorrow for its subject and admiration for the poets understanding and skill and without any help from extrinsic material.
Added by: bob
wilfred owen was never admited or went into a mental hospitial at all , however, recieved treatment for shell shock. This was when he met Sasson. This was because Wilfred Owen had recieved a 50 hour artillery barrage in france.

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