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Wilfred Owen

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Added by: Elle
For anyone having difficulty understanding this one......
the basic idea is that nature has taken sides with the enemy...or is the enemy....and the once friendly nature has turned nasty!!!!
(just a BASIC runover)
Re: Nature
Added by: Elliott
Actually this is more of a poetic device - pathetic fallacy on occasion, and further to show the fatalistic feel to the enduring war; where nature, even god has turned against them. It also shows this place to alien to them climate-wise, and gives a dramatic backdrop, characterful of Sassoon.
Added by: Spider
Not only is the content and imagery of this poem stunning, but Owen's use of half-rhyme is brilliantly executed.
Added by: Adam Cohen
Owen uses fanatstic imagery in creating this epic poem where
G-d and all of nature turn agaisnt the nature to join sides with the enemy.
Added by: jade
i think this poem is about how the utter coldness of the winter and being exposed to the bitter icy wether in the trenches all day, the outrageous condisions they had to put up with, was killing the men, and they knew, they could feel themselves slowly slipping away. It does also have references to nature and the cycle of nature and life. It uses alot of emotive language, alliteration and personification. the rhyming sceme is ABBAC, and the last line is positioned differently, this is to make it stand out, for emphasise. The poem also goes through different times off day. It keeps saying but nothing happens- this shows how they have to just sit the in the cold waiting, and waiting for somthing to happen.
Exposure by W.Owen
Added by: Barrie
How can nature be against them and not the enemy, too? The enemy is right near them--they are also suffering in the same freezing snow storm. This poem shows the reality of war--even when there is no battle--just the fear and uncertainty that the silence means continuing silence may mean a sneak attack will soon occur--or that nothing will happen.
Added by: abhi
This is a sensational poem. Owen uses different literary techniques to convey the theme. The title of the poem "EXPOSURE" itself symbolises many different things.

The main literary techniques used are imagery, symbolism and so onn.

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