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Anthem For Doomed Youth

Wilfred Owen

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Added by: basima
I tried to find any kind of analyse for this poem ,but seems that I should work on it alone ,it will not be bad if any nice person will help me befor tommorow !!
Added by: Emily
This is one of my favourite war time poems. Wilfred uses such great technique. He creates such an atmosphere that it is impossible not to become involved in the poem and the pain he feels for the lack of rememberance.
Sassoon's influence
Added by: Strawsonian
Particularly in respect of this poem, it is worth remembering that Owen was aided in it's composition by Siegfried Sassoon, who was almost certainly responsible for the title. The pair met when they were for a short time patients together at the Craiglockhart War Hospital. Sassoon was there because he had protested at the conduct of the war in a declaration published in The Times. For it's text, and for a brilliant fictionalised account of Sassoon's relationship with Owen, see Pat Barker's novel Regeneration.
Added by: Bido
I think this is a brilliant poem. Owen shos two different sides when he writes. In stanza 1 he shows his anger for why these men have togive up there lives for there country. Then, in stanza 2 he shows the sad side of the wives girlfriendes mothers brothers sisters and friends back home and says of how muche they mourn.
anthem of doomed youth
Added by: ben clarke
i think this poem is the best ww1 poem there is i am studying it in my school i am in year 9 i just love the alliteratoin of it "stuttering rifles rapid rattlle " it sounds so .. so.. descriptive for a poem you dont see that often wilfred ovwn u r the best poem wrighter

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