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Pablo Neruda

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Added by: Willy Makoski
This is my favorite Neruda poem. It deals with that feeling we all have sometimes where we search and search and all we end up with is ourselves back where we started. We throw our nets out all over the world, and all we catch is ourselves. It is impossible for us to know everything, and useless for us to try.
Added by: Bando
This poem mesmerizes me and has ever since I first saw the film "Mindwalk". I have never been a big poetry fan, per say, yet I find myself drawn to this description of life, in and of itself.
Enigmas and Life
Added by: Harvey Mathason
Enigmas is my favorite poem. I first became acquanted with it in the movie "Mind Walk." It smacks of life throughout. The ocean knowing what the lobster is weaving is saying life knows about life. The ascidia and time
speaks about what we all live within. "Study it, study it" says continue the quest for learning, despite our imagination, the sea unicorn, dying and ending up knowing very little - the fish trapped inside the wind.

Harvey Mathason

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