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Visitors' Comments about:

The Conversation Of Prayer

Dylan Thomas

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Added by: holly young
i think this peom, really illitrates the need fo love, no matter what your situation is, and that prayer does help, weather to bring you peace or for a particualar thing, god always comes through with his plan, so, this poem really hits it with me, and even thoug Dylan himself was a dpresses alcoholic, this poem makes me feel loved.
Added by: Dylan
What does Thomas's alchoholism have to do with your comment? Either you threw that factoid in carelessly, or you are a bloated snob. That is, unless you have an excuse or another explanation for your mistake.

Added by: Ferguson
How does that poem make you feel loved? The kids dies and the man's wife dies. This poem has nothing to do with love but more to do with Dylan's cynical point of view of God. This poem has nothing to do with being an alcoholic either. This poem is simply stating that a boy was praying to anyone just to be make it through the night, while the man was praying to God for the life of his wife. Both prayers went to the same God and Dylan made the readers beleive that only one prayer could be answered, but at the end of the poem both the kid and the husband went unanswered.

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